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16th February 2024

Dearest avid reader,

Let the confetti of gratitude rain down on you for subscribing and opening this email. As we tirelessly build “The ultimate book discovery platform”, allow me to introduce you to the first edition of our newsletter. Electronic bookmail for those whose hearts and wallets are known to beat for books.

This first edition is dedicated to love as we’re in the midst of the month of romancing. While Ace may not be without its imperfections (for let’s face it, what love story ever is?), rest assured it is crafted with love for all bookish things.

Yours in bookish revelry,


Rising to Fame

The literary sensations that are sweeping through social media. With whispers spreading like wildfire across BookTok, BookGram, and all their digital cousins.

Rising to Fame

This book resurfaces from the depths of shelves back to TBRs, for there’s a fresh screen adaptation afoot, courtesy of Netflix.

On the pivotal evening of July 15th, 1988, Emma and Dexter’s paths cross for the first time but as the night wanes they must part ways, leaving us to wonder where they’ll be on the same day the year after and thereafter?

Prepare yourselves for a narrative woven from threads of encounters and life’s unexpected events. Though at times marked with humour, make no mistake, dear readers, this book is not for the faint hearted.

Read if you liked: “Normal people”, “Everything I know about love”, “A Little Life”, or, the movie “When Harry Met Sally”, then this is a story you dare not miss.


If spice isn’t your forte, beware these scandalous titles that could make even the most composed blush crimson – definitely not fit for public consumption.

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