The Fall Back Plan (Sweater Weather #2)




Seasonal Moment

Number of pages: 234
Author: Melanie Jacobson


he bad boy and the golden girl have traded places…

I’m back in Harvest Hollow after ten years to prove a point and to even a few scores. I’ve opened a new bar, and anyone expecting the old sweet and shy Jolie McGraw to be running it is in for a shock.

I’m not the only one who’s changed: when the sheriff comes to tell me I’m the prime suspect in the most ridiculous crime in town history, it’s none other than Lucas Cole, the former star of my teenage stress dreams, wearing the badge.

Seriously? The smack-talking punk I was forced to tutor in math is now one of the town’s most upstanding citizens? This isn’t what I had in mind for turning the tables on my former tormentors.

I blow him off…until I meet the niece he’s raising. I see so much of my younger self in her. But when I agree to help when she needs a woman in her life, Lucas uses it as a chance to build a case that he’s the man I need in mine.

That’s a hard no. No to love. No to Lucas.

But when Harvest Hollow’s nosiest forces combine to push us together, I’m not sure my heart stands a chance.

The Fall Back Plan is a small town, closed door enemies-to-lovers single dad romcom.

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