The Twelve Months of Christmas: A Cozy Christmas Romance Novel


Seasonal Moment


Number of pages: 391
Author: Sheila Roberts


“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Sheila Roberts story. This can’t-miss author has a singular talent for touching the heart and the funnybone.” —Susan Wiggs on A Little Christmas Spirit

From USA TODAY bestselling author Sheila Roberts comes a story of family, second chances and holiday do-overs, brimming with warmth and Christmas charm.

Sunny, Arianna and Molly are three women having three very different but equally terrible Christmases. Sunny is a newlywed with two new stepkids who want nothing to do with her; Arianna is newly divorced, living with her mom again and hates sending her daughter off to spend the holiday with her dad; for Molly, nothing is new, but her job at the post office is getting very, very old—with all the customers worrying about getting their holiday packages off in time, she doesn’t have a moment to enjoy the season herself, much less spend time with her daughter and granddaughter.

The whole Christmas season has been a bust. All that work for just one day that went by so fast, and not at all how they’d planned. But Sunny and Arianna have a wild idea: What if they extended Christmas into January? February? Saint Patrick’s Day?

Love and joy and peace on earth, or at least with their families and neighbors–Christmas all year long. What could that look like? As these three determined women chase the perfect holiday through twelve months of cooking disasters, over-the-top festivity, and lots of laughter and tears, they’ll discover perfection is way overrated.

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