Rising on Fame

The literary sensations that are sweeping through social media. With whispers spreading like wildfire across BookTok, BookGram, and all their digital cousins.

Discover the newest release from the Crescent City, perfect for Sara J Maas fans, or delve into the promising debut of the Moonfall series, a dragon-filled fantasy that thrusts you into the heart of the action. Feel the emotional depth of Laura Nowlin’s latest work, guaranteed to move you to tears. If you just feel like a sports fantasy book explore the debut novel “Just Stab Me Now” filled with favourite tropes from a talented new author.

With captivating stories and unforgettable characters, these up-and-rising book sensations are waiting to be explored, we wonder which will stay on the top chart…

House of Flame and Shadow (Crescent City, #3)

Sarah J. Maas

The stunning third book in the sexy, action-packed Crescent City series, following the global bestsellers House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath.

Read if you’ve already started the Crescent City Series. If you haven’t, you might this series if you enjoyed ACOTAR and TOG, though it’s more action driven and less about romance, love still sparkles.

Discover more about the book here.

When the Moon Hatched

Sarah A. Parker

The Creators did not expect their beloved dragons to sail skyward upon their end. To curl into balls just beyond gravity’s grip, littering the sky with tombstones. With moons. They certainly did not expect them to fall.

This book is a hidden gem up and rising, the author drops you right in the middle of this immersive world!

Read if you’re looking for something to read after Fourth Wing and Iron Flame.

Discover more about the book here.

If Only I had Told Her

Laura Nowlin

If only I’d told her that I loved her years ago, then I wouldn’t be here now.

Finn has always loved Autumn. She’s not just the girl next door or his mother’s best friend’s daughter, she is his everything. But she’s not his girlfriend. That’s Sylvie, and Finn would never hurt her, so there’s no way Autumn could know how he truly feels.

Read if you’re looking for something to read after “If he had been with me” or just simply looking for something that will take you to tears.

Discover more about the book here.

Just Stab Me Now

Jill Bearup

A desperate mother. A dubious escort. And a deranged author who won’t leave them alone.

Caroline Lindley is determined that her new romance novel will be her best one yet. Fantasy! Formal gowns! Fencing! And, of course, a twentysomething heroine to star in an enemies-to-lovers plot with all of Caroline’s favourite tropes.

Read if you’re looking for a less known book but becoming popular, with political intrigue paired with convivial tongue-in-check satire, and then there’s enemies to lovers, slow burn and fade-to-black romance…

Discover more about the book here.

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