Scrooge and the Girls Next Door (Creekville Kisses, #4)




Seasonal Moment

Number of pages: 292
Author: Melanie Jacobson
Year: 2022


When the sunniest woman in Creekville buys the house next to the grumpiest man on the street, sparks fly . . . and not just because she keeps blowing his fuses…

Twenty-six-year-old Paige Redmond, single mom and go-getter, can’t wait to give her daughter, Evie, the Christmas of her dreams. Nothing can get in Paige’s way, not even her newly purchased fixer-upper cottage needing way more fixing than she planned.

Paige tackles the holiday with Clark Griswold spirit, amusing the entire town—except for her humbug next door neighbor, the grumpy but deliciously handsome Professor Henry Hill. With the help of colorful friends and found family—plus a feral cat and a pancake snowman—Paige and Evie wage a campaign to cure the cranky professor of his Christmas blues.

When Paige’s feelings for Henry wind up as tangled as her Christmas lights, there’s suddenly more than Christmas spirit on the line. Will Henry pull the plug on their first solo Christmas? Or can Paige and Evie convince the town’s biggest scrooge to open his grinchy heart to the holiday . . . and to them?

Experience the laughter and magic of a Creekville Christmas from USA Today bestselling author Melanie Jacobson today!

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